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"In Art to be the best is Good Enough" This this new slogan of the company opens a new page in its development. Trends change, fashion changes. But one thing remains unchangeable - the desire for beauty and harmony, the desire to keep the quality of our product and  our reputation as a reliable partner.

The brand was founded in 1998 by a design enthusiast who devoted 25 years of his life to its development. Today Al Sander remains the creative director and art expert for Alexander's Collection. The company is now under new management in Hong Kong.


In addition, Al Sander initiated the creation of the world's first portal of luxury goods from Pan Asian countries, where only manufacturers, with the product met the quality standards, were approved for participation by the expert council.

Alexander's Collection stands apart in the luxury carpet industry and is a recognized style icon. The company has over 2000 designs in its library, developed in different stylistic solutions, taking into account the cultural characteristics of the main regions where its products are being supplied.


Al Sander
(Alexander Anisimov)

Art Curator


Marco Ray

Business and Operations Director

Elena Stoltenberg

Artist Director
Factory Supervisor

Roann Porter

Private Butler Manager

Events Coordinator 

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