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Buying with Luxury World

Buying with Alexanders Collection - designer and manufacturer of rugs, art furniture and fine interiors

Luxury World is a unique Platform. It offers you a viriety of products with turn key service for each. We stand a part of industry as we focus on the most demanding customers all over the world.  

Trade clients get maximum of priority and benefits. Once the account is open, you get unlimited access to our    TRADE PROGRAM section where all directories and files are available to assist you building your unique interior design, pick up ideas on attraction investors to real estate business, quickly set up the whole concept for any scale of project. Thousands of copyright free designs for our registered clients with a secured access to production of unique items. It is supposed to be a one stop company to supply whatever you need for fine interiors. More over, our marketing program allows you to get your personal promotion world-wide. We invest in marketing to assist our trade clients to get their retail cuctomers. We are open to trade only! It means we refer the clients to their nearest service center in their country.

We are not looking for many dealers as we are exclusive for very special product in the luxury segment.

LUXURY WORLD is the only platform of its kind today that offers products and services from the finest manufacturers, mainly from Asia, in the luxury segment. Why did we choose this category and this region of the world? The answers are very simple. 

First of all,  we selected the ultra luxury category, which is a category aimed at the most demanding customers: the highest segment of the market. We are not trying to please everyone, we just offer a unique combination of goods and services for  interior design with a turnkey package developed in advance for this class of clients.

Secondly, we have extensive experience with this category of customers in Asia, where the requirements for the quality of goods, the uniqueness of ideas exceed many of the criteria and standards in the world. To do this, we use our talent in design, the art of finding extraodinary ideas and the most exclusive factories, analogues of which are virtually non-existent in the world. Factories focuse on individual orders and, for the most part, work for the required category of customers, which means they cannot make mass-produced goods. Such factories do not advertise themselves for widespread use.

And finally, the price. We use very special factories, including our own, to get the price we need to work on projects where budget is paramount, along with everything else.


We are manufacturers ourselves and we use only products directly from manufacturers. It is a guaranty of affordable prices and exceptional quality. We are in luxury world over 20 years and know many unique workshops around the world. It does not matter what is your idea in design. There are aleways sources to implement it.

Luxury World was built on the basis of different luxury brands we owed ourselves and the brands of our partners. We do one of the most intricate part - design and idea creation. For interior design we have a large Digital Library where we collected our best ideas. Each interioir design idea is carefully calculated to estimage the clients of its cost. That cost inclueds everything shown on the images including panels, furniture, textyle, carpets & rugs, accessories. The library has several directories specifically for the room type: living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, home studies, bathrooms and etc. 

To have unlimited access to our Digital Library you need to open an account with us.

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