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Carpet Care

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Try to follow the recommendations in these instructions for carpets care, and then the carpet will be happy for many years, preserving its magnificent appearance.

Vacuum regularly
It is especially important to clean your rug thoroughly and regularly at the beginning of use, as individual fibers or undercoat will fall out of the surface. This happens with any quality rug and should not bother you.

Remove stains and soiling immediately.

If the stain cannot be removed, contact a professional. Remove a solid stain with a spoon and a liquid stain with a cloth.
Do not rub! Clean from the edges to the middle. Sprinkle starch or talcum powder on the edges to prevent smudges.
Use special carpet cleaners and stain removers. Do not use laundry detergent, its residue in the pile attracts dirt.
Blot the stain until completely dry and spread the nap in one direction.

Periodic deep cleaning
Professionals are recommended, but you can do it yourself. Do not get the carpet too dirty. Use a foaming shampoo to protect the carpet from getting wet. Avoid kinks and breaks.
If you are using an unfamiliar cleaner, check beforehand to see if it will damage the fiber, coloring, and base of the carpet in a small area.

Quick tips if your carpet gets dirty:

Juice, wine, coffee, tea, chocolate, cola Cleaning solvent  -  carpet cleaner
Oil, grease, soot, shoe polish Purified kerosene or lacquer gasoline - carpet cleaner
Mascara, pen paste, lipstick Denatured alcohol and water - carpet cleaner
Lacquers, paint, rust Cleaning solvent - carpet cleaner
Chewing gum - Ice
Blood - Cold water
Burning spots - Sandpaper
Wax - Hot iron, cloth


Manufacturer's Warranty

All of our carpets have 12 months manufacturing warranty in case of proper use the product and follows the recommendations for carpet care:

Carpet wear warranties (quality assurance warranties) cover carpet fiber deterioration

Stain or soil warranty. The fiber is treated with Scotchgard to prevent from getting the carpet dirty. This chemical company provides stain-resistant or soil-fighting solutions. However, resistant does not mean stain proof. We respect your quick action in case of stain or soil to be removed.  

Appearance retention warranties ( texture retention warranties). These warranties protect owners from appearance loss due to fibers coming apart.

Matting and crushing warranties protect against carpet fibers getting stuck together and carpet pile flattening. 

Matting and crushing can be caused by several things.  Unraveling fibers are one of them.  Such issues may be the manufacturer’s fault.

But most issues that cause matting and crushing are in your control.  Moisture is one.  Selecting the wrong carpet for your foot traffic is another one.  Such issues usually void warranties of all types.

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