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The Secret 
of Colors 

This is one of the brand's latest collections, done in a grayscale style to add 3D effect to the pattern, with the palette of pastel colors. For all the complexity of the design, the collection remains very relaxed and easily transformable to be used in interiors from classic to modern.

The secret of color lies in the professional approach when choosing a rug, where the design and color palette becomes an outsider, supporting only a minor color in the interior. 


Empress Flowers

Romantic collection, where the basis for the design were wild and garden flowers, skillfully woven into openwork compositions.


All the designs in this collection are steeped in history and mystery. They are based on real historical events or artifacts previously owned by members of the imperial families.


These are some of the brand's most famous designs in this style. They decorate the homes of our customers all over the world. And if someone says that floral design is not popular today, we only answer one thing: there are just few people who know how to do it to be different.

If you want to read the stories about those signature designs, please visit our blog section or just click on the button bellow to get in this misterious world.



Villa D'Este

Villa D'Este is a legendary Italian hotel on Lake Coma. It is a hotel with an amazing history. It still maintains its charm, staying out of fashion and time, still serving its guests with the help of professional butlers.  


Frank Senatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Alfred Hitchcock and many other celebrities have stayed here.


The brand has a lot of wonderful memories with this place. Based on the Italian Renaissance and was created an entire collection of rugs in neoclassical style.


Dragon Skin

Dragon Skin is the brand's new futuristic collection. The collection features unusual colors and compositions of designs based on reptile skins.


In modern interiors, this design can create many illusionary solutions and transform the interior, filling it with unusual touch of of Asian culture with its recycling for European culture.  


Luxury of East


This is one of the brand's most mystical collections. It includes many designs with inspiration of jewelry. The sparkle of emeralds, sapphires and rubies laid the foundation of the collection, and the combination of bright colors added the Oriental spirit to it.


It is no coincidence that after the show in Milan, the collection was welcomed by customers from many Muslim countries and not only.



Wisper of the Sea

It's a nautical theme with a modern reading.


Numerous designs with sea shells, corals and stylized pebbles from the sea coast make the collection very popular in modern interiors.


Unexpected artistic solutions lead to unique designs that are easy to adapt to almost any modern interiors, especially those of Mediterranean countries




The greatest artist is nature itself. She has already created countless designs, an incredible combination of colors.

Her designs are universal, admired by everyone, no one is left indifferent. She has created eternal beauty.


So, design ideas are everywhere, you just have to see them and reinterpret them in new creations.

In the "Nature" collection we have collected a lot of designs, borrowing all the ideas that just lie on the surface: from autumn leaves underfoot to the abstraction of cuts of semi-precious stones.



World of Stripes

The theme of stripes in interior decoration is always relevant and in demand.


Many famous designers, such as the American Ralph Lauren and Oscar de Lorenta, have turned to it. In this unusual collection we have gathered our vision of rug designs, where the stripe plays a major role.

The mix of colors and the breakdown of geometry makes the design play in a new way, giving rise to unexpected solutions.




Constructivism looks very good in modern interiors. Designs based on geometry are ideal in minimalism, where the purity of lines in furniture and interior decoration is diluted by the geometry of the pattern. 

Our library of designs has plenty of options to bring individuality in contemporary interiors.



Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau is a style born in the early 20th century that initiated a new fashion from clothing, jewelry to interiors.


We decided to recreate it a little bit again in the design of carpets, bringing in a new vision of the artist. This small collection can be a good help to designers working in the eclecticism style, where Art Nouveau elements combine well with other styles.


In any case, this style has its own voice and is easily recognizable. In many interiors it is still present today.

  • What is Alexander's Collection brand known for?
    Alexander's Collection is a special brand, it's a niche brand. It is not widely represented on the luxury market, but takes a leading position in the highest segment of the market. It is a designer and manufacturer of carpets for a special audience: the world's most discerning and affluent customers. Therefore, the brand does not need to compete in its product segment. Alexander’s Collection established its own luxury quality standard.
  • What is the brief history of the Alexander's Collection brand?
    The brand was born 25 years ago as a small atelier doing designs for area rugs in USA, California. The brand owes its birth to its founder Al Sander (Alexander). He came to America and opened a small business, creating unusual designs for the residents of Los Angeles, then placing orders at several carpet factories. Subsequently, he founded a small production of his own in America. As the business grew, the factory moved to Southeast Asia, where the brand was named as "a style icon." After 25 years of development, the brand's founder remains its creative director and art consultant. The head office is based in Hong Kong now.
  • Which famous brands have collaborated with Alexander's Collection?
    The most famous public client was VERSACE HOME, for which Alexander's Collection produced carpets and worked on the design for many years. VERSACE entrusted the brand with the development of designs for its neoclassical and modern carpets, where the head of Medusa Gorgon as the logo of VERSACE remained as an indispensable element.
  • Why is Alexander's Collection brand called the #1 Rug Maker?
    The brand is called so in the narrow circle of manufacturers of luxury carpets due to its unique designs and unsurpassed quality with no similar match in the world. Its services are used by Arabian sheikhs, big businessmen and celebrities. His clientele is aesthetes. Those all brought the reputation of #1 Rug Maker.
  • May private customers order carpets directly from the factory or is it “To Trade Only”?
    Alexander's Collection serves both private and trade clients. Private clients may contact us directly. However, the factory discounts are available to trade clients only.
  • Does the brand have agents in other countries and how do I contact them?
    Alexander's Collection business is many years old and, of course, we work with many professional agents. Contact us and we put you in touch with agents in the country where you live.
  • Who are our potential clients?
    Trade Clients: interior designers, architects, owners of shops and galleries related to the interior business, furniture and sales agents. The TRADE PROGRAM scheme works for them: They open an internal account with us to get wholesale prices. Retail or Private Clients. They may buy goods at our retail prices, which are still much lower than world prices in the luxury segment as they buy from the factory directly.
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