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Art Furniture

Creation of unique collections of furniture for the most refined interiors, which have no similar on the world market. 

Today, few people are taking on this job, extremely difficult to accomplish. It requires an extraordinary talent of the creator, craftsmanship and extensive experience in the luxury industry. 
Alexander's Collection stands apart and occupies an exceptional niche in the design and production of products for the decoration of modern extra-class interiors, one of which is a special line of ART FURNITURE.

We do not manufacture furniture, we design art. Art has always been not for everyone, but only for the elite. This niche is our field of activity.

All Art Furniture items are limited edition. All models are numbered and have a Certificate of Authenticity. Such masterpieces belong to a select few. 
Every year we design new models, test them thoroughly, prototype them and only then proceed to make the first model in precious woods.

In this section you can see some of the models. To see all collections, you need to become our customer and all doors are open to you. We invest in our customers, to expand our network of sales in the most sophisticated showrooms in the world. We are not able to produce many models and follow the mass production way, but we are willing to maintain a policy of personalisation. This is our way of marketing. We do not need trade fairs, we invite our customers as partners to join us and support them on a long term basis.

Hidden World

New Contemporary Style

This special collection was designed as a reinterpretation of the chinoiserie style, so popular in the 18th century. The King Louis XV succeeded in introducing the fashion for this style, forcing him to create one of the interiors with a Chinese motif for in for his palace in the Louvre.

China was too far away and very few people knew the culture. Therefore, the newly invented style became the Europeans' vision of this country. They could judge China only by the designs of silk fabrics, murals on porcelain vases. Having seen such a novelty in the palace of the French king, the European monarchs decided that it was a new fashion and began to follow it, making in their palaces interiors in the Chinese style.

This is how the style appeared. In our collection we tried to re-create this style for modern neoclassical interiors, our forbidden city - the palace of the Emperor of China, which became its symbol.

Forbidden City

New Chinoiserie Style

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