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Contemporary rugs and carpets for bedrooms

Carpet designs, perhaps, occupy in fact a special place in the interior decoration industry. There, there are almost no brands that could announce themselves as a new trend, a new aesthetic, find their own identity and be recognizable.

The very concept of couture refers overwhelmingly to the world of fashion. My opinion stands apart. Couture should refer to all art forms, including decorative art. When it reaches this level, design generally transcends decorative art and acquires a sound of its own.

But in order for this to happen, the level of design really has to reach that bar. Only time can be a judge. No contemporary art critics can make magic happens and make design lives for centuries.

Contemporary rugs by Alexander's Collection

This is the paradox of contemporary art. It takes an enormous amount of time for it to establish itself. Of course, the art could be promoted by means of commercial tricks, and we know very well how this happens and how commercial value and artistic significance are artificially created. The only question is, will all these trials stand the test of time? Only time can be the judge!

Breaking stereotypes is really hard work. People resist it fiercely. Mass culture changes people monstrously. Imposed values and aesthetics become the standard of life. Everything, even luxury becomes mass market.

All the rest, those who are willing to go against the stream, remain the black sheep. They are obliged to force their way through misunderstanding, rejection, envy, overcoming inconceivable barriers. Only the few survive, the rest are given up.

In this crazy world, fortunately there are still a few, those who believe that beauty is still able to touch hearts. They create masterpieces. Some of these masterpieces reach the level of couture and become true art.

Neoclassical rugs by Alexander's Collection factory

The design itself becomes high art, embodied in various materials, from marble, paintings to carpets. It is such works that should go down in history and in the monographs of scholars, to be left to the next generations.

One of those unique brands Alexander's Collection factory remains. Its uniqueness is time-tested. 25 years of successful work and many projects all over the world. Once it made a revolution in the industry, turning a purely utilitarian rug into a real gem in the interior, and the design was raised to the level of couture.

Beginning with designs in the classic style and refining their craftsmanship over the years, today it has a massive library that rivals the world's brands in design. The details of the designs are still relevant today. They are not just used in the production of carpets. By developing the art of graphic design, the brand went beyond just making carpets. It began to apply some of the designs to the production of marble mosaics, marquetry-style wall panels and even furniture.

The designs, refined to couture style, transform all objects made with them to the same high level. Such pieces become collector's items, destined to be sold through the world's galleries.

Custom made rugs and carpets

The art of design creation is one of the most difficult trends. The skill of this direction radically changes the very idea of the carpet as such, breaks all imaginable stereotypes, forcing to look at this product in a completely different way.

The source of inspiration can be anything. The artist's talent is to see and apply the idea he sees and then to realize it. And then the world can see unimaginable metamorphoses.

Nature provides the greatest opportunities for design. It works as a free consultant in the art world, rivaling perfectly with any design school. Just observing what nature has created over millions of years and applying its ideas is tantamount to us graduating from an alternative university with our master's degree in art.

In the following articles, we'll take an in-depth look at several trends in rug design, looking at how nature's timeless creations can be used in creativity when creating couture class designs.

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