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A new look at interior design - a breakthrough vision

Alexander's Collection exclusive interior design in Marbella
Alexander's Collection exclusive interior design

Introducing the groundbreaking interior design service from Alexander's Collection, catering to high-end clients with a discerning eye for modern luxury.

For the first time, consumers and retailers may experience the expertise of a professional interior designer without the hefty designer's fees. The team of experts would work closely with clients to curate couture-level goods and create stunning, personalized interiors that reflect their unique style and taste.

From selecting the perfect furniture and decor to creating a cohesive design concept, the service offers unparalleled access to top-tier interior design without the traditional price tag.

 Elevate your space with the impeccable taste and unparalleled luxury of Alexander's Collection.

Interior design – luxury mass market now

Manufacturing high end interiors for professional designers and retail clients in Marbella
Interior setting concept

It is no secret the services of a good designer are not cheap. But it is exactly the quality of those services directly affects on what we get at the end of the road, when all the decoration work is finally completed.

Interior design is a complex and painstaking work. Unfortunately, today this service is mostly limited to global routines of standardisation and stereotypes. If you open catalogues of real estate sales, the first thing to catch the eye is the monotony of the proposals.

Houses of little difference from each other, as a rule, in a single "box" style. This aesthetic is imposed by the market as a trend and fashion. However, all of this remains far from the aesthetics of uniqueness and individuality.

On the pages of the same heavy magazines of major real estate agencies, the same monotony is presented by the so-called interior design. It is limited to the arrangement of furniture and primitive zoning of space.

Why so? The first reason is the usual pursuit of profit for developers and interior designers. It takes time to create masterpieces. Great interiors and unique architecture are not a mass phenomenon.

In Spain only, foreigners purchased more than 80 thousand residential properties in 2023. Of course, the figures do not say that all of them need interior design. Most buyers simply do their own work.

But even if it's just 5% of the total number of buyers, that's 4,000 properties for design companies to work on. To create even 1,000 masterpieces from this list is simply impossible. Therefore, in modern interior design there are emerging universal techniques that result in the same mass market.

When talking about very high-end properties, the picture is even more dramatic. Even if the designers spend an enormous amount of time and create unique interiors, they still have to look over their shoulder, taking into account the growing budget of the project and the ability of the suppliers to make it done.

And this is where the major stumbling block lies. Labour costs are rising, energy costs are rising, market trends are shifting more and more towards mass production, even in the luxury industry. Whereas, the luxury industry used to be the privileged few, today brands are seeking to expand their markets and produce more and more mainstream products that are accessible to more consumers. This is how we get a luxury mass market!

Interior design library with turnkey solutions and production in our own factories

Alexnder's Collection interior catalogue - Bathrooms

Alexander's Collection breaks the stereotypes of this mass market and, like artificial intelligence, creates a fundamentally different, breakthrough approach to interior design.  This kind of know-how allows you to create truly unique things.


In the preamble of the article it is noted that it's possible to design very high level interiors without expensive designers, saving the consumer serious money. These funds could be channelled into creating the best possible budget.

How does it work and why is this service on the market for the first time?


Alexande's Collection interior design catalogue - Living rooms

Alexander's Collection is a group of factories manufacturing unique decorative items for luxury interiors for a category of property that could be classified as a collector's property. This is a level when the design in architecture, interiors, art furniture and art objects goes up to the level capable of turning a real estate project into an art object.


At the same time, the main know-how element is still the cost of production for decorating the property.

The brand's portfolio includes a specially designed digital library of interiors, developed so that the consumer may quickly form the interior he or she requires in order to add individuality to it. Prefabricated luxury interiors with all the design highlights allow us to do this.


Why are ready-made solutions offered? This is done on the purpose, in order to get the price required to complete the interior. Otherwise, budgets grow up to astronomical amounts.

Alexander's Collection interior design - Wine rooms

Our interior design concept, originally introduced by brand founder and chief designer Al Sander, was initially tested in Asian markets, catering to ultra-rich clients.

Today, this approach is being offered to the European market, bringing a touch of luxury and elegance to homes and commercial spaces alike. The designs combine modern aesthetics with timeless, classic elements, creating a unique and sophisticated atmosphere. Whether you're looking to redo a single room or an entire property, our team is dedicated to delivering a tailored, high-quality design experience. From furniture selection to color schemes and lighting, we take care of every detail to ensure a cohesive and stunning end result.



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