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Neoclassic Rug Collections in the style of the legendary Hotel Villa D'Este

Italian Rug designs

Italy itself has long been synonymous with quality and a trendsetter. Italian Renaissance as a distinctive style and "Made in Italy" brand has long been a leader in the international markets of decorative arts.

Italy is famous for its endless palaces (Palazzo), which gathered the best that gave birth to the Italian Renaissance. One of these palaces, turned into one of the most famous places in the world, remains the legendary Hotel Villa D'Este. This is a former castle of an Italian cardinal on the picturesque shore of Como lake, not far from Milan. Its informal slogan remains the ambitious phrase "Not for Everyone".

Neoclassical rug collection of Italy

This place has historically become a pilgrimage destination for the most distinguished guests. Churchill and Alfred Hitchcock, Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Senatra have stayed here.

Everything is carefully preserved in its original form and is restored each year. The rooms have only antique furniture, and professional butlers service the guests. The sophistication of the staff is amazing. They remember all the nuances and preferences of their clients and are prepared for their arrival in advance. Many of the hotel's guests have been coming here for over 30 years consecutively.

Villa D'Este Italy

The beauty of Coma lake, where each house is a historical object, is endlessly inviting to creativity. The shores of this famous lake are surrounded by villas of Dan Brown and Versace, Mussolini and George Clooney, villas of the King of Saudi Arabia and the Crown Princes. The jewel of the place remains the Villa D'Este.

This huge cardinal's palace was built in the 17th century. After it was turned into a luxury hotel it was joined by the Queen Pavilion, a separate grand villa where Empress Maria, the wife of the Emperor Paul I, once stayed. After coming here briefly, she was so enchanted by the local beauty that she ended up spending 3 years on the lake, building a school for the local peasants and paving numerous roads around it.

Villa D'Este has played a huge role in my work, I spent over 12 years here, coming back again and again each time for an unforgettable experience with the staff, the level of service and the art of the chef creating culinary masterpieces. The idyll of the nature and history of this place awakens creativity. This place couldn't help but leave its mark.

An entire collection of designs based on the Italian Renaissance with the same name was born here. These author's fantasies have given Alexander's Collection a new page in its history. Today, the rugs, made to the original designs, are in many homes around the world, pleasing their owners. All of them have their own history, created in different years. But all of them have one thing in common: the desire for beauty of proportions, harmony of color and purity of style. And the style of the collection was set by the legendary Villa D'Este.

Here are some masterpieces from the collection.


Design for area rug and floor mural mosaic

The design is based on the ancient Roman mosaic imuseum. Skillful drawing of all elements of the mosaic set taking into account the requirements of carpet production, turns the carpet into a soft mosaic underfoot. More than 70 shades were used just for the central part of the composition. Subsequently, this design was realized in a marble mosaic for one of our Mediterranean style projects. A huge mosaic spread on the floor of the main lobby of a private villa.

Luxury designs for rugs and carpets for villa interiors


On the opposite side of Como lake we have the second hotel, Bellagio, a name we borrowed to create another carpet in the style of the Roman villas of the rich patricians.

Neoclassical Italian designs for rugs and carpets

Ornaments for the composition of the carpet can be found in abundance in the numerous frescoes of ancient villas on the lake, in the cast-iron grids surrounding their private parks. The quintessence of all these artifacts gave rise to the overall composition of this design. It is as easily suited to numerous modern classic interiors as it is to the halls of old manor houses, giving them new life and a new reading.


Best rugs manufacturers

Another composition that combines floral patterns, architectural elements and ornaments reflects the Italian concept of luxury and glamour of the Renaissance. For us, the composition is associated with Florence, where the splendor of colors perfectly fits into the rich nature of Italian Mediterranean.

Exclusive custom made rugs

This design was also used for the production of mosaics using gold overlaying.


The most luxurious rugs in the world

This legendary and signature rug design, originally created especially for the NEWBY tea plantation owner's London mansion, has subsequently become a real best seller for Alexander's Collection. The technique of drawing the design in grisaille style is used here for the first time, when initially the ornament is drawn in volumetric form and afterwards during the production different zones of the rug are additionally made in two levels. All this creates the illusion of pan velvet, a special fabric on the floor.

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