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Interior Design Concept for Entrance Hall

Original Image : 5 MB


150 pixels/inch, 49.7 x 93 cm ,

2935 x 5495 pixels, (19.6 x 36.6 inches)


Interior design by Al Sander (expressively for Luxury World Wide)

Copyright by Luxury World


Purchasing this digital product, you are licenced to use it.



Entrance Hall Model 086

SKU: EH-86
  • Digital Library gives you not only the high resolution image but also the access to further service from Luxury World Platform. When purchasing a digital product from us you do not spend money, you save money.

    Your clients would see the interior as if you designed it. You may purchase from us a collection for your portfolio and presentation. We spent years finding and working on many interior design ideas for high end interiors. This is an excellent instrument for young designers.

    Why do we say you save money? Interior design job is a very time consuming process and it costs money for interior professionals and for the clients. Using the Digital Library, neither you or your client spends nothing but you get top class designs with full service after purchasing.

    If your client approved the selected design you may require as our customer our free service to adjust the design idea to the existing floor plan to work out each selected room and therefore to prepare any project much faster. Depending on your client you may surcharge him for the design job saving a lot with us. Design fee we ask as pre-payment is less than 10-15 USD/sqm while any standard designer’s fee is at least 10 times more expensive at least.

    The above works in the following way for you.

    - You purchased the design from us and may use this amount for further needs. It will be deposited back into your internal account with us. The purpose of your purchase with us is making money for yourself.

    - You may apply to us with the inquiry to adjust the design idea to the actual room of yours or your client. We would need your floor plan either in CAD or PDF with all sizes.

    - We adjust the design idea and send it to you with no charge. Anyway, we would be in contact for more details to do the job more professional. In any case you get our full vision for the interior, not just the ideal image.

    - Your major benefit after it is big savings on building the interior design if we supply you it on a turnkey basis. As a trade client you have special prices from us. All members of Luxury World are manufacturers. Luxury Club coordinates everything and, at the same time, we are a manufacturer as well. We have our own 2 factories: wall panels and furniture.

    - If we are talking about a project, the prices are completely different as we charge based on a sqm of the room. This includes everything you may see on the interior image you purchased from us. Draft estimation is given for each interior design image in our Digital Library. The final price would be given after full interior planning is ready. It might be slightly different but pretty much the same as it was estimated.

    - This unique service is unavailable in the luxury industry and is a brand new service from Luxury World.