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How it works

Design work is a very time consuming process and may cost you a lot of money when hiring an interior designer. Especially, when we are talking about such a segment as Luxury. It may really cost you a lot. But design fee is not all you may expect. Luxury interiors cost money themselves. We were in this feild for years and after 25 years experince came to a solution how to bring revolutionary new concept of building interiors for affordable prices but keep the level of luxury. It looks almost impossible, but there's a way. It made possible even for us because we spent several years preparing interior design for one of our life time real estate project where we were involved and commissioned to design lots of interiors and where they required creativity and talent. After this long period of our hard work, we set up our Digital InterioDesign Library.

Digital Interior Design Library

This powerful tool allows us to handle any size of projects in real estate business and residential interior design for retail customers or interior designers who are looking for more ideas and more unusual products and for more profit for themselves. Interior designers may get lots of benefits when using our library for their daily work.

What's the secret?

The digital library has over 800 models and ideas. The beauty of the Platform is that we do not need to calculate a project to see the final budjet. It's not a secret that final budjet could be several time over the estimation as "appetite comes when eating". To make interior as a true luxury we need to bring lots of things together: atmosphere, eye catching things, unique ideas. In many cases, not only a client but his designer could hardly imagin the final result until comprehensive 3D is done for each room. Many things are being changed during the project anyway. But all of those cost money and time.

What we did? We forget about limiting our imagination with ability of suppliers to manufacture for us, we may forget about their standard catalogues. We are free to create totally bespoke ideas and we are sure we make it done for interiors. Whatever we designed in different styles, we pre-calculate and we clearly know the cost of a square meter (of square feet)! Each our interior has a sq.m. price. Of course, minimum square footage requirements to be respected but in general the Platform works like that.



Say, we have a floorplan of a house. Ground floor

Interior Design Digital Library

How to do interior design fast. From our digital library with variety of ideas, we select the style first. Then, we just start selecting all rooms based on the floorplan. Lets go to some bedrooms, for example to see closer how it works.

Room #5  on the floorplan 

Minimum sq.footage - 15 sqm.

Design fee: n/a

Price: 1,200 Euro/sqm

Room price: 18,000 Euro*

* including everything you see on the image:

- inbuilt dressing for him and for her

- backside hand carved panel

- decorative two sides panels with night lighting

- textile walls

- doors


- New Zeland hand made rug

-vases & flowers

- ceiling light, night lamps

-fabric for curtains and bedlinen

Interior Design Digital Library

Model RD-12K

Unite Price: 1,200 Euro/sqm

Price rage from 400 Euro/sqm - up to 1,500 Euro/sqm

You always may see prices upfront and arrange your budget for each room design.

If, for any reason, our room shape is different from what we have from the digital library, it's just a matter of adjustment. The most time consuming work: interior design idea has been done. If your room is larger than this, your calculation would be easily done like this:

23 sqm x 1,200 Euro/sqm = 27,600 Euro

We do not charge extra. Please keep on mind that so low prices for very luxury interiors are based on a project where we could handle even the cost of delivery. If it is lower than minimum requirents, we have to surcharge and need to recalculate. 

How we charge for the project.

Design costs you nothing. You may select from our full library. We give you full access to our Private Room section.

We have some commission directly from the suppliers as we give them business. Some product we manufacture ourselves: all types of carpentry and area rugs. The rest we supply from our verified suppliers for special prices to let you keep cost lower. 

We calculate the project based on the number of the rooms. Say, as bove project, we estimate as 20 rooms/area project. 

We charge 350 Euro/room as a deposit with us. It is fully refundable in case of the order and would be a part of your payment.

Your 20 rooms project requires - 7,000 Euro deposit.

You have unlimited access to Digital Library and all of its options to select and modify interior designs and see more custom product opportunities. There's a large variety of images for you and a special section for totally bespoke ideas on furniture, wooden wall panels, wooden art objects. Those special offers are behind of our Marketplace shopping and would give you much more freedom.

After our work together is done and we finally see and approve the design and calculate the budjet we ask for the following deposits:

Total project cost: (for example) 120,000 Euro. We deduct a design deposit 7,000 Euro and comes to Net: 113,000 Euro

For all custom made orders we would require several deposits:

30% deposit upon the order placement: 113,000 Euro x 30% = 33,900 Euro

20%  upon the order is fulfilled as min. 50% (the order without finishing) = 15,820 Euro (trade clients have no those restrictions)

50% balance before shipment = 63,280 Euro

We provide you a close photoes/video from the factory.  Our logistic department would estimate you the delivery time and all details related to shipments. Door-to door delivery service is available.

Our "know-how"

We undertand that any mistakes may be crucial for both: for you and for us. We have our "know-how" to prevent it as much as possible. We do all parts of the interior as a "LEGO TYPE" assembling. We assemble and disassemble the whole room at the factory before packing, to be sure there's no mistakes.

A separate issue is for all wooden panels. They are made to be assembled several times, in this case. If anything is damaged during your life time use, we do not need to replace the whole panel but to replace a damaged part only. Be sure that we do not use nails and glew, they are assembled as LEGO constructor.

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