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Panel collections

Examples how you would see the collections in our Digital Library

Panel collections

The electronic library contains more than 120 models for paneling. We have collected many ideas for the interiors of different styles, trying to bring new and innovative solutions using different materials: precious wood veneers, a combination of wood and marble, wood and glass, laser cut technology to get 3D effects.

The panel production has its own know-how, which is seldom used in the industry.  This is the so-called LEGO construction set, when, like LEGO toys, all the parts of the panels are assembled together with special fasteners. It allows you to assemble and disassemble the structure several times. What does it give in practice?

Panels are always made to measure, so production errors should be avoided and the dimensions of the room they are designed to fit in should be strictly adhered to.

With LEGO technology it is possible to assemble all panels at the factory workshop, recreate the room as a whole, check all dimensions and disassemble again to pack for transportation.

Moreover, if a part of the panel  is damaged during assembly, transportation or just long use, it is easy to replace such a part without replacing the entire panel. 

Design of Models

Digital Library of Interiors


In our digital library you can see all models of panels, as well as examples of interiors to see how to use them. Different styles, designs and materials are presented. For each model the basic parameters are given: the cost per square meter, based on a height of 300 cm. In addition, for each interior we give you the price based on the average cost of one square meter of the room, with a minimum footage requirements. Therefore, it is easy to calculate the budget in advance and then just adjust it slightly after a detailed calculation by the factory.

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  • Why was Alexander's Collection Luxury World platform created?
    The idea of creating this Luxury World platform has been in the works for a long time. For many years we have been preparing it for implementation. We are in a very special niche segment for the most luxurious art and décor for sophisticated interiors. The platform founder's extensive experience in the luxury industry and his personal connections have allowed him to design, implement, oversee and develop a product not available in international markets. We are the designer and manufacturer of most of the décor items. Each design is a limited edition collectible product.
  • What is the development structure of Alexander's Collection?
    We starting serving the Asian elite as an art studio and now expand the business to international markets. Gradually, there will be numerous new products on the platform. Currently, designer collections of furniture and art for the top-ranked decoration are in the production. They will be posted on the platform's website when available. All models are in the limited edition category. In the future, the challenge is to establish a network of agents based on the exclusive status for a specific country, region or city. Intensive work in this direction is already underway. Therefore, it is recommended that interested parties be concerned in advance in order to get the most favourable terms and conditions. We are ready to invest only in the so-called Gold Addrees, locations in the most sophisticated cities such as Milan, Paris, London, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Shanghai to get a boutique class concept of sale.
  • What is luxury market as we understand it?
    Today, our world has changed so much that this change has led to a shift in the very concept of the luxury market. This is especially true in the real estate and interior design categories. The concept of luxury is the possession of exclusivity in everything. True luxury requires exclusivity; it does not tolerate fuss, the details are the most important! Square meters are not as important as uniqueness, comfort and aesthetics. While such properties need the “Wow” effect, actually obtaining them is too complicated and tedious. If we stay focused on the exceptional type of interiors that make them masterpieces and if we keep the costs low without compromising on quality, then we get designs that significantly raise the price of such a property, making it truly unique. We reach another level of luxury, we get collectable property. It is worth other money! That is why we design and manufacture only the Art level of product.
  • What luxury items can be found on the platform?
    The platform offers many products. But the main selection criteria is design and quality. Design is our signature point. Everything starts with an idea. Ideas rule the world. We have collected the results of our 25 years of experience in design, where everything was created originally as a bespoke. Here you can find everything you need to create a comfortable living environment: from exceptional art product to premium interior design, worked out with such meticulousness and attention to detail that all ideas are ready to implement projects of any complexity. We complete interiors with unique decorative items, which we produce in our own factories: furniture and panels, carpets and art objects. Everything you need for fine interiors.
  • How to order luxury product on Alexander's Collection Luxury World platform?
    We are open to trade only and do not serve private customers. For trade customers, we have many products available. Private clients should contact a local interior designer or decoration showroom to recommend us. We have over 800 unique premium designs in our digital library: From formal living rooms to indoor pools and wineries. This allows professional clients to get the bigger picture and look at interiors in a different way. All are copyright free for our registered clients. Decorative items such as artworks, our special collections of art furniture, wood panelling and couture carpets can be purchased or ordered. Custom orders are also welcome. To see prices, you need to be a registered customer with us and log in. For convenience, we have divided all product categories into 2 parts: what is ready to be shiped, and items that need to be ordered. For an invoice for stock items, please contact us.
  • Which brands are represented in our luxury website?
    As we said, most of our products are bespoke, the designs are made by us. Also we manufacture ourselves. However, we collaborate with many artists and designers who license us to manufacture after their original design.
  • Who are our potential clients?
    Trade Clients: interior designers, architects, owners of shops and galleries related to the interior business, furniture and sales agents. The TRADE PROGRAM scheme works for them: They open an internal account with us to get wholesale prices. Retail or Private Clients. This category of clients to be served indirectly. They have to go to a local interior designer or a showroom to recommend us first. - They get the premium service of a luxury interior design and pay no designer’s fee, when choosing all ideas from our digital library. That saves a huge amount of money for them! It’s the same for architecture: finished solution with no investment in project idea and décor, turnkey service. - They may buy goods at our retail prices, which are still much lower than world prices in the luxury segment.
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