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Custom orders


Custom orders are our main business and we provide this service to our clients more than 25 years. The most imporant part of our business activity is that we are in luxury segment. This requires a lot of experience and knowledge. Even if you have a brilliant idea you still need to know how to implement that idea into life. Real estate and interior design business in this luxury feild require very trustable suppliers. We found a formular to ourselves to do successful business:

Unique ideas + Unique product + Quality +Price

We combined those all and have it as a package for the clients.

Whatever you see on these pages are luxury type of products and to make it done we have a limited number of very niched suppliers, the ones we work for yours and the ones self-mided with us. 

The models we have out of stock may be ordered as they as shown or as a custom made orders. For some prodcut we are not able to change anything from its design, like glass product, for example. For the majority of the product you do custom changes. Depends of the product, production time might be different. Please find all of the detals bellow.

You may find detailed information about custom orders with examples to your complete understanding how it works. Our experience makes it easy to do.

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