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Custom Orders

Over 25 years we worked on endless collections from neoclassical to contemporary to bring the best designs for rugs. They are so well prepared that any custom made orders could be ready for factory production in minutes.

We use only the best materials: semi-worsted New Zealand wool, merino - the finest wool and fine silk to combine them together or use separately. It is not just the design, it is the design of couture level. If you compare us with the other thousands of factories, it comes to be obvious how far we are from the industry and how different our beauty. That is our philosophy to stand aside the industry but to bring new fashion trends to the industry to make the others look differently at so ancient art as carpets.

We did this hard job. Thousands of fine designs holds our large electronic library where collections may meet the highest requirements of our customers. Years of being in business we focus on service. No need to create relevant design, we are at your disposal to prepare visualization based on the actual interior. Due to great number of designs, its color combinations, shapes and our strong experience in interior design, our experts easily recommend the most suitable solution for your interior and would show how the rug could completely transform it.



“Carpets that amaze the imagination ”

Good design gives your home a voice, so let your interior shine through. Here, you may see some examples to prove our words. Are you looking for your home decoration, are you a professional interior designer or a shop owner selling decorative items? There are very few other choices than Alexander's Collection for your business. We know about the carpets everything, we are #1 Rug Maker for luxury carpets and rugs and are more than 25 years in this business. Even such a big brand as VERSACE Home selected our quality and artistry to licence us to manufacture their collections of rugs.


Open our endless collections of rug designs and have that jorney to see new concept and understand better how to use rug designs in fine interiors. Start creating your own interior now. Good luck!

Design with Ease

No need to Create Relevant Design

Stun Your Relatives and Guests

Get Inspited

See How it works

First of all, we would do all jobs for you. We are a professional factory and have 25 years experience in design. Our library keeps over 2,000 designs of any kind, from classical to minimalism. If you want us to provide a turn key service for you or your designer, just send us your floorplan and basic photos of your interior or rendering from your designer if interior is not ready.

We analize everything and give you proposal about the design of rug or carpet mostly suitable for your interior, recommend the shape and size, coordinate all colors. We have all designs digital and may work with any kind of adjustment: change colors, shape and size. We would do in room visualization and confirm with you.

Custom made rugs

In many cases, especially for contemporary style, you do not need too complicated rugs but the ones to highlight only and play a decorative role. That saves a lot but never influence the beauty as on the image above. 

Custom made luxury rug maker

The interior may require some colors to be highlighted more, like on the image of a bedroom sitting area where we recommended to bring nature inside and complement the interior design with a very special rug. However, neoclassical interiors are perfectly work with soft design.

Neoclassical custom made rugs

We recommned to make a smaple before we start your full scale order.                                                                                              Actually, a sample is a small fragment 50 x 50 cm ( 21" x 21"). WE woudl need 4 weeks to make your sample. In general, production time for the order would take from 10 to 12 weeks depends of capacity of our factory by the time your order has been placed. For all custom orders we require 50% depoist and 50% balance before shipment. 

The finest rugs in the world

Once the sample is approved, we may safely start production. Our own logistic department would be responsible for shipment and delivery to your destination world-wide. They would provide general and close photo from the workshop before packing to let you see the finished product. All carpets are rolled on a strong paper tube and are packed in a wooden box for secure transportation.

Unique rug design maker
Luxury rug collections

Alexander's Collection is an exclusive member for LUXURY WORLD - a unique internet portal where niche luxury product manufacturers are collected to give our clients excelent service to supply whatever they need to build fine interiors. You may visit LUXURY WORLD to see great number of interiors with our area rugs.

  • What is Alexander's Collection brand known for?
    Alexander's Collection is a special brand, it's a niche brand. It is not widely represented on the luxury market, but takes a leading position in the highest segment of the market. It is a designer and manufacturer of carpets for a special audience: the world's most discerning and affluent customers. Therefore, the brand does not need to compete in its product segment. Alexander’s Collection established its own luxury quality standard.
  • What is the brief history of the Alexander's Collection brand?
    The brand was born 25 years ago as a small atelier doing designs for area rugs in USA, California. The brand owes its birth to its founder Al Sander (Alexander). He came to America and opened a small business, creating unusual designs for the residents of Los Angeles, then placing orders at several carpet factories. Subsequently, he founded a small production of his own in America. As the business grew, the factory moved to Southeast Asia, where the brand was named as "a style icon." After 25 years of development, the brand's founder remains its creative director and art consultant. The head office is based in Hong Kong now.
  • Which famous brands have collaborated with Alexander's Collection?
    The most famous public client was VERSACE HOME, for which Alexander's Collection produced carpets and worked on the design for many years. VERSACE entrusted the brand with the development of designs for its neoclassical and modern carpets, where the head of Medusa Gorgon as the logo of VERSACE remained as an indispensable element.
  • Why is Alexander's Collection brand called the #1 Rug Maker?
    The brand is called so in the narrow circle of manufacturers of luxury carpets due to its unique designs and unsurpassed quality with no similar match in the world. Its services are used by Arabian sheikhs, big businessmen and celebrities. His clientele is aesthetes. Those all brought the reputation of #1 Rug Maker.
  • May private customers order carpets directly from the factory or is it “To Trade Only”?
    Alexander's Collection serves both private and trade clients. Private clients may contact us directly. However, the factory discounts are available to trade clients only.
  • Does the brand have agents in other countries and how do I contact them?
    Alexander's Collection business is many years old and, of course, we work with many professional agents. Contact us and we put you in touch with agents in the country where you live.
  • Who are our potential clients?
    Trade Clients: interior designers, architects, owners of shops and galleries related to the interior business, furniture and sales agents. The TRADE PROGRAM scheme works for them: They open an internal account with us to get wholesale prices. Retail or Private Clients. They may buy goods at our retail prices, which are still much lower than world prices in the luxury segment as they buy from the factory directly.
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