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Furniture Designers & Makers

Bespoke Furniture-Custom Furniture Manufacturing – Alexander’s Collection

Ulra luxury brand Alexander's Collection stands apart in the market of luxury goods for decorating extra-class interiors. One of the brand's specialities is designing unique pieces of furniture, elevated in design to the level of museum pieces and works of art. Hidden in the market for many years due to servicing Asia's leading developers of luxury segment, today in Europe.

The Most Hidden Masters Discover Their Talents To The Luxury World

Coffee table. Furniture Designers & Makers – Alexander’s Collection

The world of the billionaires is a closed world, with access restricted to the majority. The world of Asia's richest people is an even more private world, as if it is located behind the high walls of the Forbidden City, where only the emperor once had access to its incredible luxury.

This global concept of the world of the richest includes the shaping of a special lifestyle.

Of course, the world luxury brands of clothing firmly take their place in it. Shoes, jewelry, yachts and airplanes brands, as if competing with each other, stand in their own way: Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Lamborghini and Ferrari, Cartier, Patek Philipe and many others.


Contemporary Console. Furniture Designers & Makers – Alexander’s Collection

All of those things are true. But are there so much on offer for this particular category in the world of real estate, interiors and decorative arts?


We are talking not only and not so much about the usual historical estates and antiques, we are talking about an ultra-modern vision of creating a living environment for the owners of the world's wealth. And there is not much to offer.


Contemporary coffee table. The Best bespoke furniture makers in Europe

You need a talent to create. Talented people are not often born. They are a part of a specific caste of people who are able to bring fresh ideas to the world.

The Masters’ Studio

The collaboration of the two talented individuals who are able to generate incredible ideas and opportunities for their implementation, gives a birth to the studio of Alexander (Al Sander) and Antony Tao: the two artists who are able to see the extraordinary around them and design décor items that could rival the world's brands. That was the birth for Furniture Designers & Makers.


Art Furniture - Console. The Best bespoke furniture makers in Europe - Alexander's Collection

For many years, keeping an eye on each other, they have been working so closely together, opening up new horizons of opportunities. Years of experience in design and artisanship, could not pass unnoticed.


These two masters are able to bring about a new world and a new vision of beauty. They design for this hidden luxury, where their own rules exist. This is a world of individuals who are able to see in contemporary art not the stereotypes imposed, but a different aesthetic: an aesthetic not for everyone. Everything they do is a category of ART.


For a long time, working in the luxury industry, they created unique artworks for a niche circle of their own clientele.

Today, these two masters want to show their art to the public for the first time.

Why only now?

Because life seemed infinitely longer and they wanted to catch time for everything, as the work didn't allow them to do so, taking up all their time, because the world they lived as inhabitants of the Forbidden City consumed more than they could make.


living room set with art furniture. Handcrafted: Custom Made Furniture & Bespoke Goods from Alexander's Collection

There was no need to exhibit at art shows like other masters did.

Today, having reached a certain age and slowed down a bit, now comes the understanding to transfer their experience and talent to the others.


Global changes in the world, the restructuring of mentality after COVID, the war against Ukraine, the precarious position of the world economy and finance, are changing consciousness.

New vision of contemporary art

Today the very concept of contemporary art has become almost a noun. The aesthetics of such contemporary art does not fit into the consciousness of a generation of masters who were used to creating timeless standards of quality and beauty.

Yes, the art created by these masters is not for everyone. But art has always been elite, it has never been for the mainstream.


Armchair from Alexander's Collection. Luxury Bespoke Furniture

Today industrial design has overwhelmed the world, creating a strong stereotype of mass market.


Even the very concept of luxury is replaced by imposed stereotypes. They distort consciousness and change aesthetics and people's ability to see beauty.


Alexander and Tao remain true to their traditions and their vision of beauty. Their signature works will soon be able to see the world for the general public. The technique of execution of the collection of masterpieces remains behind the bounds of possibilities.

Breathtaking collections by Furniture Designers & Makers

Living room luxury design from Alexander's Collection. Luxury Bespoke Furniture

Bringing together the best craftsmen, talented designers and artists in his artistic workshop, the Al Sander, the founder of the brand now runs a design studio that is fundamentally different from anything else in the industry. Priority is given to furniture that is complex in design and labour-intensive to make. It takes incredible skill to bring an artist's vision to life. However, this direction is not selected by chance. Furniture of this calibre occupies its own niche in the industry and makes the brand recognisable. This is exactly the way the founder was aiming for.

To make pliable moulds in precious woods, it is necessary to first make a prototype in plastic materials, essentially like a sculptor modelling a shape. Then the finished mould is scanned with a 3D scanner. Only afterwards is made the first prototype of wood, where details are finalised and the ultimate shape is drawn out. Then, the final prototype made of precious wood is the finishing stage of production.

Contemporary side table from Luxury Bespoke Furniture of Alexander's Collection

The tasks set by the artist require research, as no one has ever done anything like this before. The desired effect is achieved by trial and error.

For example, the prototype of a coffee table with a corrosion effect on stone took 8 months to complete. To get a similar effect, it took a wood carver and an artist to complete the design and hand-coat the finished mould with the required pattern. This design was first made from porcelain. The porcelain mould was the prototype for the wooden unit.


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