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High-class interiors require paneling. Wood panels design

Luxury panels

The question of what creates the overall impression by which we perceive an interior is a very delicate one. Beauty is almost elusive. When we work on high-class interiors, we strive to achieve the WOW effect: the very emotional state that arises when we see an interior for the first time. It is either there or it is not. And the stronger the emotional state, the greater talent of the designer and decorator who can create it.

Turnkey interior design

This line, beyond which such a state already appears, is almost invisible. The border is so delicate that on opposite sides of it there can be both impersonality, and a descent into kitsch, if you go even further away. The WOW effect occurs only on this very border, between provocation and stereotype.

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Ideas give a birth to great designs. But it's not enough. It is the first necessary ingredient - individuality and emotion. Next the technical realization of the idea and the use of expensive materials come. This may be compared to the interior decoration of an expensive car, when to create luxury, a perception of comfort and a sense of status of the owner, the designers resort to materials such as leather, finishing with a veneer of rare wood species

As well as in the interior, tt requires exactly the same. Therefore, unique interior design requires the use of wood paneling, as an essential attribute for this class of property.

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Minimalism is becoming more and more fashionable, and modern design mostly uses plain wood panels with a veneer of different types of wood.

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Creating a design in general is a very time-consuming process, and working on collections of decorative items takes even more time.

LUXURY WORLD has developed a solid collection of panels and not just the panels, but initially a collection of interiors that clearly shows all the models inside. This approach opens new horizons for creativity and allows you to combine interior ideas even for large projects, almost instantly.

Exclusive wall panel design

The overall collection is divided into neoclassical and contemporary designs. This is a valuable help for retail consumers and professionals alike. The factory's unique production allows any fantasy to be put in life. In fact, it is a digital library - a desk book for professionals, the use of which saves them time and allows to get the models that are simply not on the market.

The factory gives a unique opportunity to adapt the ideas presented for the panels in real interiors, taking into account all the features of rooms, to use different materials and, as a result, to get masterpieces that make the interior recognizable and very individual - actually, that is required from high-class interiors.


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