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Legacy of Interiors - Luxury Interior Design

Best interior design in Marbella from a leading manufacturer

Today, when the world is plunged into a global crisis associated alternately with pandemics, military conflicts, rising energy prices, the industry of home products and interior design is also experiencing bad times. Prolonged downtime for many factories turns into big problems. The cost of production is rising, as well as labor cost. All of this leads to a significant increase in prices. As has always been the case in all troubled times, all this affects the formation of style and trends in interiors: they become more concise, furniture models are greatly simplified for manufacturing. The style of minimalism is coming in. The concept of luxury is shifting towards more universal models. All these trends are closely related to price. To get a really luxurious interior today, you will have to spend a lot of money. That is why demand is decreasing.

But is it really so? Yes and no. It all depends on how we look at the world and what we want to get. Today, to create such interiors it is not enough to be well versed in the industry, you need to have the talent to find such combinations in the decor, to use the opportunities to find unique suppliers and, most importantly, to control the prices.

The new concept of Alexander's Collection LUXURY WORLD, a new luxury brand and marketplace that brings together a whole plethora of small brands, is as follows: the ability to get luxury interiors at a reasonable price. In the phrase reasonable price, we put the cost of at least 50% less than the interiors made in Italy, for example. In this case the quality remains impeccable.

It is no secret to create such interiors, it is necessary to reproduce a special atmosphere, when you create a feeling of an expensive interior. The design is not the price, the design is the idea. It is the idea that raises the level of the interior to the heights of luxury. This applies to all styles. The main thing in the interior is to create a sense of comfort and coziness. And this is really not achieved simply by creating a subtle atmosphere. It is either there or it is not.

The Alexander's Collection LUXURY WORLD brand brought together small factories in different parts of the world, factories that allow designers not to be restricted by catalogs only but to get the unique opportunity to have factories follow the designer's ideas.

We put a lot of work to create models of furniture, decorations and interiors, which become a source of inspiration for professionals. Professionals know how time consuming it is to come up with an interior, and not just any interior. The bar is set for luxury class.

Alexander's Collection LUXURY WORLD gives professionals a lot of unique opportunities: from the use of the library of our electronic designs, to completely unique bespoke interiors made by talented interior designers.

Our production sites are scattered all over the world, with all of them we have a long-term and proven relationship. To facilitate the work of our customers, all orders go directly through our offices in Spain and Hong Kong with their own logistics departments.


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