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Unique furniture. How beauty comes true

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The plasticity of forms can influence our perception and gives rise to associations. Who says the furniture could not be done like that?


There are so many models of furniture in the world that the world doesn't seem to need so many. The famous Ralph Lauren used to say that man just needs comfort and coziness to live. As for furniture, why invent a thousand and one new chairs when you just need to learn how to make good ergonomics of classic models rather than to produce an endless number of new ones. This is the philosophy of the American designer. However, even he continues to decorate these models in his own way. Creative thought cannot be stopped, for creative people, there will always be a search for ideas. They do not know how to live differently. And then, just as nature creates a great variety of designs, the artist will still be looking for self-expression.

In part, Ralph Lauren is right. Furniture in the concept of a utilitarian commodity, probably should not develop as rapidly as technological progress allows, but art always has no limits, and so does creativity. Therefore, artists will always be looking for new forms and expressing themselves. And then there is the nature of the artist.

Furniture as art is a complex concept, the boundaries are so blurred that there is only a subjective perception, just like the perception of art in general. A series of articles on this topic is intended to show that when you create furniture as an art object can, and indeed should, break stereotypes and look for new forms. Sometimes this succeeds, sometimes not.

The most famous furniture designers
Art arises where emotions arise. So, breaking stereotypes. Approach one, minimalism creating such minimalist objects where form becomes content.


We are currently working on these models. Objects like these live their own life, filling an interior with mood. They bring emotion, which means they make you contemplate. We're used to being able to look at a painting for a long time, looking at the details or embracing the whole piece. We try to make sense of the emotions that surround us. And it doesn't matter what kind of emotions they are. Emotions must be in contact with beauty - that's when art is made. In furniture, it happens very rarely, but it does happen. We think we have managed to achieve this in our selection of collections.

Exclusive Furniture Design

If something catches your eye, it means the mission is accomplished and we have succeeded.


For our registered clients we prepared the full catalogue for the latest collection of our Art Furniture where you may see it in interiors and have a full vision how to use and combine the models. This service available for the registred clients only.


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