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Contemporary painting

Glance From Eternity" is a stunning contemporary painting that captures the essence of timelessness and eternity. The artist's use of bold strokes and vibrant colors bring the painting to life, drawing the viewer in to contemplate the infinite. This piece is a true statement piece, perfect for any modern home or office. Its large size and commanding presence make it a focal point of any room, inviting contemplation and reflection. Experience the beauty and power of "Glance From Eternity" today.


This unique item is a part of collection "Travelers of Civilizations" - our private gallery inventory

Mixted technique of oil and acrilic painting on canvas


Solid wood with 24K gold leaf 


Size: 101 x 110 x 3.5 cm

Circa 2000


Shipment from Spain, Marbella

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"Glance From Eternity" Contemporary Painting

SKU: PA-09