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Experience the timeless beauty of the "Rubby Rain" Wood Carving Art, a stunning masterpiece created entirely by hand.


Each intricately carved detail is given a matt finishing, creating a smooth and elegant texture that highlights the natural beauty of the wood.


The addition of 24K Gold Leaf brings a touch of opulence and luxury to this unique piece, adding a luminous quality that catches the eye.


The wood carving technique creates a mesmerizing 3D effect, giving the artwork a sense of depth and dimension that is truly captivating. Bring a touch of sophistication and artistry into your home with the "Rubby Rain" Wood Carving Art.


Size 170 x 170 cm x 4 cm

Limited Edition, number of repeat -5 


Shipment from Marbella, Spain

Estimation for shipment - in 35 days - under production

"Rubby Rain" Wood Carving Art