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Contemporary painting


Introducing the "Wounded Lien" contemporary painting, a stunning piece of art that captures the essence of pain and beauty. Created by a talented artist, this painting is an expression of the artist's inner turmoil and struggles. The use of bold colors and abstract shapes conveys a sense of chaos and disorder while the delicately painted lines add a touch of grace and elegance. This unique piece of art will surely make a statement in any room and is a must-have for any art lover's collection.


This unique item is a part of collection "Travelers of Civilizations" - our private gallery inventory

Mixted technique of oil and acrilic painting on canvas


Solid wood with 24K gold leaf 


Size: 112 x 101 x 3.5 cm


Shipment from Spain, Marbella

Available now


"Wonded Lien" Contemporary Painting

SKU: PA-08