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Alexander's Collection - Art with a different energy

Decorative art for walls- Alexander's Collection art gallery
Decorative art composition "Flying birds", hand made wood carving, 24K gold leaf

The journey Alexander's Collection art gallery takes is unusual for the classical perception of contemporary artworks. A traditional gallery is a gallery with paintings, sculpture or photography. Alexander's Collection is a special brand, always breaking the conventional stereotypes and going its own way, often contrary to the market.

This brand has its own aesthetics, its own view on contemporary art, on the way of its creation and on the philosophy of its presentation.

For us, the main thing is the combination of all of the above to reach the specific goal. And the goal is creating art objects that carry such special energy.

Apart from the artist, the originator of an idea, there are a number of master craftsmen working on such art objects, the level of which, in itself, brings them on a level with the artist.

Why is that so?

Because we use extraordinary alternative materials. The artist's initial work, his sketch, is just part of the idea. In order to get works that are at the level of museum pieces, you have to go a long and laborious way.

Art as mainstream of mass market

Today, mainstream culture has overwhelmed society, everything has descended to the level of the mass market. Look around how the world has changed or is changing right before your eyes. Even our cities are transformed into monotypical residential metropolises, where architecture itself has become the mass market level.

Decoration for villas by Alexander's Collection art gallery. Marble mosaic
Private villa entrance. Mural marble mosaic on the floor, replica of antique Roman mosaic in the middle of composition.

Faceless boxes of glass and concrete are being promoted in the market as luxury property. To do this, you just need to have a sufficiently prestigious area to build in and the right number of square metres.

The same is happening with interiors, with decor, clothing, restaurants, and the entertainment industry. Industrial design is sweeping the planet.

As society goes, so goes art!

Why have the great works of art come down to us? Because there was a class of aristocrats who collected art, people who could admire it from one generation to the next. And there was a reason for that. That world was characterised by individuality in everything, the world of the aristocrats was a special world.

Alexander's Collection art gallery, Marbella
Virtual tour about Alexander's Collection art gallery

They were given excellent education, upbringing, they were taught music and painting. They were taken to the opera, they were infused with classical music.

All of it could not pass without a trace. All of that formed the aesthetics. The great exposure to artworks in museums and having them in their homes contributed to the development of taste, and thus to the selection of truly masterpieces, which were able to survive time.

Many works, if not the best of them, were specially commissioned. The great Leonardo could never have become a legend if he had not received great commissions from the church and private clients.

Therefore, art has always been elitist. But not today. Today, it has become an industry, a tool for making money. If it used to take at least 50 years for art historians to be able to objectively assess the significance of a work, even subjectively, now the industry demands sacrifices. No one wants to wait. Today it is necessary to create value artificially.

Alexander's Collection art gallery. Contemporary painting
Vertual tour about Alexander's Collection art gallery, Marbella. Painting section

It's no secret how it's done. In the contemporary art industry, the price is inflated, the artist's name is established by powerful PR and a system of exhibitions that are supposed to raise the price of his works. This is the basis for the entire system of assessing the value of art.

It is no coincidence why galleries ask for a CV (Curriculum Vitae), which means "the course of life". CV is a retrospective of the artist's creative journey in the form of an essay. CV gives a clear idea of the artist's suitability for a collaboration or exhibition. A CV is a one-page essay about you as an artist and a performer.

There is no artistic avenue, there is no artist.

Our personal opinion is that at a time of degradation of culture following the degradation of society, art turns into mass production. This means that it is designed for the mainstream. There is simply no elitism to speak of. The industry requires quantity in order to make profit for the army of intermediaries between the artist and the consumer.

Alexander's Collection art gallery, Marbella. Art Wood section
Vertual tour about Alexander's Collection art gallery, Marbella. Art wood section

Those who have been to contemporary art museums at least once cannot fail to be struck by the fact that the halls of museums are rather empty. And most importantly, all museums look identical. If you start visiting them one by one, no one even remembers anything about them.

That's because it is an industry invented by the brilliant Rockefellers (New York Museum of Modern Art) and Guggenheim (Salomon Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art) as a business.

Let's also look at the example of the Guggenheim Museum to see how it all started and how random the process actually was.


"Solomon R. Guggenheim had been collecting works by Old Masters since the 1890s. In 1926, he met the artist Hilla von Rebay, who introduced him to European avant-garde art, particularly abstract art, which she believed had a spiritual and utopian aspect (objectless art).

Guggenheim completely changed his collecting strategy, turning in particular to the works of Wassily Kandinsky. He began showing his collection to the public in his flat at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

As the collection grew, he established the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation in 1937 to promote understanding of modern art[8]. Initially, S. Guggenheim commissioned Baroness Hilla von Rebay, who had emigrated from Germany, to organise a "museum of Non-Objective Painting" (Museum of Non-Objective Painting). By opening his collection to the public, Guggenheim hoped to draw American attention to the creative endeavours of abstractionists such as Kandinsky and Mondrian."


A new way of looking at art. Back to individuality Alexander's Collection Art

Alexander's Collection art studio. Marbella decorative art
Verual tour about Alexander's Collection art gallery: art furniture and art of embroidery section

There are always white crows in the world, they shock other people, disturbing their usual routine.

The great B.Shaw said "In the world only 2% of people think, 3% think they think and 95% are afraid to even think on pain of death"

This explains a lot.

It is precisely this approximate classification of people that creates opportunities for the chosen few. Chosen not by anyone, but by themselves. It's the white crows of that 5% who drive civilisation.

The mass market and the culture of the mass market are possible just because of the existence of these 95%. We are not belittling this society, but it is just different.

Alexander's Collection art studio in Marbella. Fine decoration for interior designers and private clients
Fine Silk embroidery, gold threads. "Showdow of Leonardo" in spacial wooden frame, 24K gold leaf, available at Alexander's Collection art gallery

Alexander's Collection is a white crow that goes its own way, not paying attention to this mass market culture. This white crow with its own philosophy and mission of individuality for everyone. Perhaps in this 95% there are not our like-minded people. Perhaps a few from this society will break through to the upper 5%b but it is those 5% who are our destination. They are unique people where individuality is not just a word, it is a way of life and their philosophy of living.

Alexander's Collection art studio. the most beautiful product in the world for fine interior design. Available from Marbella
Wood marquetry from Alexander's Collection art studio in Marbella. "Flaming Artist", precious wood, 24K gold leaf. Available at Alexander's Collection art gallery in Marbella

That is why, by establishing an art gallery like this, we want to be fundamentally different from everyone else on the market and create decorative art for the most sophisticated interiors in the world and for the most sophisticated people who are able to see that different aesthetic.


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