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Art by Alexander's Collection art studio - "Don Quixote"

Amazing art object for luxury interior decoration by one of the most luxurious trademark Alexander's Collection transformed into fine silk hand made embroidery, done on a museum level of artistry and quality. Now presented in Marbella, Spain.

Don Quixot artwork. Fine silk embroidery by Alexander's Collection art studio
Don Quixot artwork. Fine silk embroidery, size 135 x 170 cm, framed

It is difficult to say something new about Don Quixote. Each artist interpreted this image according to the aesthetics of his time, and no one tried to plunge into the atmosphere of Spanish and, of course, Flemish Mannerism, although Cervantes' satire is Mannerist. Today this style has been forgotten.

They call for a great talent of the artist, his complete rethinking of what is going on and creation of allegorical images.

 The ultimate illustration of Don Quixote is presented in the form of a grotesque. The composition has nothing to do with the plot of Cervantes' novel. In the modern reading, the eternal flow of water as part of the philosophy of this world. This new art and interior design with this new vision. The water wheel spins the blades of the mill, as if grinding time, forcing us to reflect on its transience. In the eternal pursuit of their goals, people do not have time to think about spirituality, no time to contemplate the world, and therefore to slow down a little the running of time. Contemplation suspends all life processes and prolongs life.  To recreate this artistic image we have chosen the technique of hand embroidery with the finest silk, which transmits numerous shades due to the reflective ability of the material. It takes at least a year of the master's work to complete such a work.

The ancient technique of hand embroidery in fine silk is being revived again in the workshop of artists of Investment Club, who are able to breathe fresh air into the craft, which is almost forgotten today, bringing it to the level of art.  This level of work demands masters of the highest calibre with at least 20 years of experience.  The use of silk for the implementation of modern decorative art gives it even greater value, and the durability of silk makes these works antiques after many years.  In the best museums of the world there are still silk tapestries made more than 300 years ago and all of them are in perfect condition. In addition, natural silk has an incredible ability to reflect light depending on the colour of the threads, which gives the finished work an additional game of halftones and so enlivens the picture that at a distance it may seem as if we see the image in 3 dimensions. We use this wonderful feature of silk to create unique images, including a modern reading of Cervantes' famous hero.

Mural marble mosaic of Don Quixot by Alexander's Collection art studio
Mural black and white marble mosaic design of Don Quixot made for a swimming pool area

The design is truly unique and it is a true art presented by Alexander's Collection art studio. Elaborated in the smallest detail in a graphic style, it could be used to work in many different materials, for example, such as marble. An example of the unique art and done in marble mosaic is the pool design in a private villa. Works of this calibre, instantly create a unique concept when planning a property, giving it a place in the collector's class. Such art objects turn the property itself into an art object and therefore increases its sales value.

Mural marble mosaic of Don Quixot by Alexander's Collection art studio
Mural marble mosaic of Don Quixot for a private part architecture

Another example of the design application is the private park decoration, where the very atmosphere of Cervantes' book is recreated. The combination of marble mosaics in the park area, modern sculpture and fountains generates a unique atmosphere of being present during the journey of Don Quixote and Sancho, his faithful squire.

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