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New income opportunities following a niche business in Europe

Luxury fireplace at Interiors from Alexander's Collection

Income opportunities in Europe. How to make money on luxury goods. Today, there are almost no new nuggets emerging that could claim to be in the market of luxury goods. But the advantages of making money with these kinds of factories get only those who become an exclusive agent or dealer for such a brand, only those who are ahead of the world. The first gets everything!


Ulta luxury brand Alexander's Collection, a designer and manufacturer of interior decoration items of extra class, is taking the first steps in the European markets. The first brand boutique is on agenda in Spain, where the complete range of products is to be presented in co-operation with a boutique-class showroom.

Marbella is going to be the brand's first Golden Destination. The brand is financing this project in order to start the development of further locations in Europe, Middle East and USA.

Generating 'Golden Address Destinations' for Showrooms in Europe - Income Opportunities in Europe

Luxury Living room concept from Alexander's Collection

For years, Alexander's Collection was known to a limited number of consumers. Like Zilli, which is also building its marketing policy as a boutique-level brand, Alexander's Collection follows the same path, only in the high-end interior decoration industry.

The most significant thing in marketing is to find unconventional solutions, rather than to follow the paved track, where competition is off the scale and business promotion would require enormous investments.

The brand has chosen one of such unorthodox solutions. At the first stage of market development - the so-called golden addresses development and cooperation with the leading companies in interior decoration of the very high standards. The partner should be qualified by studying its location, showroom and market positioning.


The following cities and countries are preferred:

Spain - Marbella, Madrid and Barcelona

Italy - Milan, Rome

England - London

Austria - Vienna

USA - Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco.

Gulf countries: Riadh (Saudi Arabia), Doha (Qatar)


For Gold Addresses, exclusive terms of service and delivery of displays on agreed consignment terms will be granted. In addition, such exclusive dealers get the right to select limited edition collections for their region.

Besides Golden Destinations, the brand is ready to invite independent sales agents with experience in luxury products.

Unique production opportunities

Entrance hall concept - Interior design from Alexander's Collection
Art for Walls, Art Furniture and Luxurious Interior Design

In order to occupy a truly niche position in the ulta luxury market, you not only need high quality, but also an exceptional level of design. This is not just any design, but a collectible-class design capable of elevating the products to museum level.

At the same time, with the number of highly professional craftsmen required to translate the artist's vision into real objects, the brand brings its products into the category of objects of art.

Guided by the brand's chief designer and in coalition with the guest artists under licence contracts, Alexander's Collection tries to occupy and keep a narrow segment of ultra luxury products. The price policy, however, remains at the level of luxury goods.

The unique character of production lies in the fact that any, even the most incredible ideas of a designer or artist are possible to be implemented in production at a reasonable cost. This in turn gives the brand's dealers a high rate of profit.

Apart of designer collections, the factory's signature is custom made orders and projects. For interior designers it is a Mecca of opportunities for the manufacturing of their own bespoke designs.

Milan, Salone del Mobile trade show opens up business opportunities

Milan Salone del Mobile Alexander's Collection Booth Concept
Milan, Salone del Mobile Alexander's Collection Booth Concept

For Alexander's Collection, 2005 will be a breakthrough year. After a few years of intensive preparation, revision of its product line and the new marketing policy, the brand is back in Milan, the world's premier trade platform, where the world's dealers are looking for new products and making major deals.

The new Alexander's Collection booth at the show presents an impressive gallery of around 40 unique items for the most sophisticated interiors: from art objects, art furniture to designer carpets accompanying furniture collections.

A novelty in the design concept of the brand's products is the combination of art objects for wall decoration, art furniture and designer carpets as a unified composition, the dominant point in the interior, and designers are able to build the interior around it like a backdrop in a theatre, so that the principal and supporting roles of the decorative objects work on the same idea: designing unique interiors, corresponding to the level of extra class.


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