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New opportunities for interior design companies to increase their profits

Art furniture for luxury interior design by Alexander's Collection
Art furniture for luxury interior design by Alexander's Collection

Alexander's Collection brand, producing furniture and decor items in luxury segment, enters the European market. All designs are made in Spain. However, the production facilities are kept in South-East Asia in order to guarantee lower production costs and to enable the dealers in the network to increase their profits.

The policy of promotion in European markets is built through the development of privileged dealers, with so-called golden addresses. With these dealers the brand builds special relationship and special prices, with opportunities to invest in their retail stores.

Art funriniture in Marbella by Alexander's Collection


Alexander's Collection brand identity

Entrance hall side table. Art Collection by Alexander's Collection trademark
Entrance hall side table. Art Collection by Alexander's Collection trademark

For 20 years, the name Alexander's Collection has been synonymous with luxury in Asian markets, and its products and decorative arts have been labeled "Art for Billionaires". The reason for this lies in its unique design and the quality of its production, which only a few of today could boast of. Leaving far behind Italian factories, limited in their ability to manufacture such sophisticated products, the designs representing the brand, for many years Alexander's Collection has been focused on the most demanding clientele in Asia.

Today, we have taken the world's 2 most famous trade fairs Salon del Mobile in Milan and High Point Market in the USA as the basis of our marketing. From 2025 onwards, the brand will have exhibitions at these prestigious venues in order to establish initial contacts with major dealers in different regions of Europe and Middle East.

Coffee table. Art Furniture  by ALEXANDER'S COLLECTION
Coffee table. Art Furniture by ALEXANDER'S COLLECTION

The brand's uniqueness lies, above all, in its ability to decorate turnkey projects. We have chosen not just to focus on the production of furniture, panels and art objects, but also accessories like rugs.

Alexander's Collection offers no private clients, but only works with trade clients, allowing them to secure their projects automatically.

Why did we choose the art direction? Because it is a niche in the market of decoration services, and it is a real and unoccupied one. Because the production of such level of products requires skills and talent of craftsmen of completely different level, because the very design of products is so unique that it has no similarity in the world. All of these make the brand stand out from the industry.

Extra class interiors require signature design and bespoke models

Living room set. Art Furniture  by ALEXANDER'S COLLECTION
Living room set. Art Furniture by ALEXANDER'S COLLECTION

Today, design companies have to compete with each other not only in terms of interior design ideas but also in terms of prices. They are forced to follow only the catalog items of décor, only those offered by manufacturers. Because of the high cost of customized production, the concept of bespoke is dying. It is too expensive for both the manufacturer and the consumer.

Many believe that it is much cheaper to manufacture in Asia. This is true, but this truth comes with many limitations. Firstly, there are very few such factories, and their quality is difficult to control. Luxury products in general seem to many consumers the prerogative of only Italy or France.

We know everything about luxury! 25 years in this industry have taught us a lot. A brand aimed at the wealthiest part of society is always going to be radically different from everyone else.

Things that seem to be taken for granted in Europe are completely unacceptable in Asia. For example, when producing decorative panels, you cannot use MDF, glue and nails for the luxury segment.

Wood panels and interiors by ALEXANDER'S COLLECTION
Wood panels and interiors by ALEXANDER'S COLLECTION

The Asian rich would never buy that. In order to prevent production errors, the entire structure of the panels is designed on the principle of a LEGO constructor. The panels are assembled from numerous individual pieces that are attached to each other. This allows them to be assembled and disassembled several times without compromising quality. This means that we may put them together before shipment in the workshop to detect inaccuracies and production errors, disassemble them, pack them securely and send to the consumer with an assembly diagram. In Europe, this approach is simply not possible. MDF panels are used in Italy to prevent deformation.

In Asia we use only solid wood with special design to prevent deformation.

How to maximize designers' profit margins

Interior design manufacturer. Design by Alexander's Collection
Interior design manufacturer. Design by Alexander's Collection

If we are able to keep costs down and maintain impeccable quality and a level of design that is unmatched in the global markets, we give trade clients unique opportunities to grow their business.

Very high-end design helps to attract attention to their retail showrooms. Collectively, this makes the retail market more attractive.

In addition, if a retail showroom address is on the so-called "golden address" list, Alexander's Collection is looking to finance such dealers by supplying them and exhibiting without payment at all, on a long-term consignment basis.

Future ordering of goods remains on the same terms as the initial delivery. It is unlikely that such conditions could be found on the market today.

In Europe we have our own agent in the most prestigious region of Spain, in Marbella. Customer service is therefore not a big problem.

Building your own Art Gallery in your showrooms

Wall art: Blue butterflies on gold. Alexander's Collection
24K Gold leaf, wood carving painted in gloss blue. Wall Art by Alexander's Collection

One more specific point of Alexander's Collection trademark is the idea of a separate trend: decorative art, using non-standard materials in the manufacturing of such items.

We use silk hand embroidery, marquetry with precious woods, hand carved wood, glass, mother-of-pearl and much more to implement the most daring design innovations.

Art objects and art furniture by Alexander's Collection
Wood carving. Art object for wall and side table from art furniture collection

For our authorized dealers in Europe, this is another unique opportunity to generate additional revenue without losing customers or referring them to outside art galleries. This is an opportunity to create turnkey interiors.

Luxury interior design manufacturer- Alexander's Collection. Living room interior design

All art objects are made as a whole with our pieces of furniture, so we make it easy for customers to choose in advance.


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