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New Art in Marbella

An incredible and mystical collection of paintings, “Travellers of Civilisations”, will see the light in a new Art Gallery. For the first time a private collection is open to the public after 20 years of neglect in private storage. The collection of 11 works is transferred to the Art Gallery for further sale and decoration of the most exquisite interiors of the world.

New art in Marbella. Alexander's Collection art gallery

One of the first artworks is "A View from Eternity".

Oil painting in mixed technique, solid wood special frame, 24K gold leaf

Size 100 x 110 cm

Sirca: 2000

Exclusively only in ALEXANDER'S COLLECTION Art gallery


The Egyptian tax collector appears in a completely unusual image and mixed style of painting, inherent in the artist's individuality. He paints in his own manner, not similar to the others.

Incredible mixing of colours gives the picture an image of mystery. It is as if the word Eternity is read from the canvas. The eyes of this mysterious figure, as if woven by time itself, continuously follow the viewer wherever he is.

This is in fact a mixture of eras, different cultures and styles, united in a single composition, make the canvas completely out of the ordinary. The intricate patterns, similar to hieroglyphics, act as a coded message to us living in the present day.

Contemporary paintings for home decoration in Marbella from Alexander's Collection art gallery

"Wounded Lion".

Oil painting in mixed technique, solid wood special frame, 24K gold leaf

Size 112 x 101 cm

Sirca: 2000

Exclusively only in ALEXANDER'S COLLECTION Art gallery


The theme of gold runs through the whole collection. And this is no coincidence. It symbolises the connection with past epochs, when art was accessible only to the elite. The golden epochs of history dissolve in the gold of the wide frame, specially designed according to the principle of the golden ratio.

Alexander's Collection art gallery. Contemporary painting presentation as a show

Watch full video about this collection:

As in Malevich's black square, in the gold of sand, as if brought from the desert and frozen here in the form of golden dust, we see this Eternity, or rather, we feel its breath. The doors to Eternity are closed and only the boy's eyes are the only guide to this mystical distance, where all the secrets are hidden, most of which we never get to know.

The magnetism of the painting is incredible for new art in Marbella. It is simply impossible to repeat this effect. Therefore, when we are talking about the artist's replication, we must realise that a new work of art does not resemble the original in the slightest.

That is why there is tremendous energy coming from the painting. The artist worked on it for a long time, transmitting his energy to the canvas. That's why we feel it.

The artistic value of the canvas is indisputable. Things of this category could decorate any interior. It is necessary to build an interior around them and then the unity of the image plays with all its colours, filling the space with almost divine energy.

This is how art functions, this is the energy it should carry, causing a slight feeling of euphoria inside. This is the highest appreciation of an artist when he creates not for the sake of money, but for the sake of this state. Only then great art is born.

Unfortunately, today's contemporary art very rarely generates such a state and emotions. It is too commercial.

Full catalogue of available paintings:

Download PDF • 5.92MB
Contemporary painting catalogue by Alexander's Collection art gallery


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