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Design in Spain. The most beautiful product in the world

One of the most luxury trademark Alexander's Collection enters European markets with the most beautiful product in the world for fine interior decoration. The brand of 25 years in business with its own history and philosophy now with an agency in Spain, Marbella.

"In Art to be The Best is Good Enough"

Top Exclusive Luxury Brands

Alexander's Collection and its LUXURY WORLD is a brand not like others and it's a brand with 25 years history. It's like the birth of a style, the brand is a set of several luxury brands, each of them was born as a new product emerged.

The name came after his founder, Al Sander who started his carrier as a rug and textyle designer, then interior designer for very special clientele: mostly for European nobility and the wealthy of Asia, where he spent his 25 years serving the elite.

To be unique you have to have talent and the talent generates extraordinary things: design for architecture, product, interiors and brilliant ideas for projects in real estate, the ones attracting interest of investors.

The brand carries the philosophy of its founder for architecture, interior design, product design and investment opportunity in real estate. Most of our designs are bespoke models unavailable in the market and invented expressively for LUXURY WORLD.

We discover a special world for you. It's the world of new ideas, new opportunities that go beyond the ordinary.

There’s no match on the market and all we do we, do from scratch but with talent. They put the market away from the impersonality and monotony. It doesn't matter what style to do. Great projects with great product have their face and personality to outlive the creators. They stand out of fashion as masterpieces.

We bring Luxury affordable for people. Price talks itself. We let people to bring so much beauty they have never even.

Beginning of design for the-most-beautiful-product-in-the-world

We started as a carpet designer and manufacturer of fine decorative rugs. It happened 25 years ago.

Alexander's Collection -#1 Rug Maker

The most beautiful rugs in the world

Buy luxury carpets in Europe

We came to the world with the slogan "The Birth of a Style" for rugs and carpets.

The quality and implementation of designs made VERSACE to pay attention to that product and asked us to manufacture for them.

Later on a new product was shown, where we started to use the designs we have developed for carpets over the years.

Mural marble mosaic

#1 Marble Mosaic Maker

Art of Mosaic from #1 Mosaic Maker

The original products attracted world-wide clients we generated in different international trade fairs (Salone del Mobile in Milan, Monaco Yacht show, Domotex in Hanover, Abitare in Verona and many more.

The clients asked for unique models to bring to their home decoration. Then a new direction appeared: first bespoke models of furniture, then we came up with the idea of creating interiors ourselves in our own Style.

Designer furniture and luxury interiors

#1 Bespoke Furniture Maker

Interior Exclusive design maker

#1 Exclusive Panel design maker

Luxury Villa Interior Design

Many of our clients were investors. We made some projects concept for luxury real estates brining our new vision for neoclassical and contemporary styles but transforming the styles into our own vision.

Architecture was the final stage to think about creating a new brand where true luxury could meet affordable price and when we could provide new standard of service to the clients when offering them turnkey service. We invited our long-term partners to be aboard with us and selected the best from them.

Many of them are just small scale factories but all of them including us are manufacturers with strong focus on luxury projects. Alexander's Collection LUXURY WORLD was born.

Best Villa design in Marbella

Villa Construction in Marbella

Best Villa Design

Details about products and services:

We offer turnkey service tot he trade and to the retail clients from architecture to interior. Our large E-Library has over 800 interior design templetes to be used as ideas with easy adaptation to real floorplans. Each interior design templete has an averrage cost, the one pre-calculated based on one sqm. This is actually a free design service. Several other E-collections of unique wall panels, furniture and objects of art ,ight be used for the selected interior templetes or puchased separately.

The most important concept the Platform declare: Luxury for affordable price. We are all manufacturers and we sell based on a factory price. The platform just coordinate everything for all of the suppliers enrolled. Price is a key point for the Platform. We manufacture everything outside of Europe in the most low labor cost effective countries to present the price minimum 2 times less than European manufacturers but with quality equal or even higher. Before, all of the supplies of the Platform served mostly teh wealthy of Asia. The platform was built to expand business to the world but keep luxury level.

We offer only hand made product with many "know-hows"​

Coffee table by Alexander's Collection
Coffee table model from Art Furniture by Alexander's Collection

Such, our wood product is only solid wood, we never use glew or nails. For example, the construction of our wooden panels borrowed LEGO principle, when each element is separate and could be assemble and disassembe many times.

All interiors are assembled at the factory first to prevent any mistakes before shipment.

Rugs & carpets are made only from the finest New Zeland semi-worsted wool and carry special luxury standard of quality.

Mosaic is made of natural marble of 6 mm height with almost no seams in between the fragments.

Console from Art Furniture by Alexander's Collection
Console, Art Furniture by Alexander's Collection

We give a unique service to trade clients to manufacture bespoke models for affordable price and many more.


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