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The idea of creating Luxury World platform has long been on the agenda. For many years we have been preparing it for implementation. 

Gradually expanding its activities, Alexander's Collection comes to the creation of a unique portal and the catalogues of its various products, designed for the most sophisticated clientele.


Below you may find the main catalogues of the products we manufacture. The brand works only with Trade Clients and therefore the catalogues are available  for our wholesale customers. You can view all the products in detail, download the catalogues and get the prices after opening an account with us and getting a wholesale discount, depending on the terms and conditions of work.

Full catalogues are available to our registered customers as well as Gold Address Clients. Below, we provide a preview of all catalogues, for your first look.


Contemporary painting catalogue for fine art - Art Gallery of Alexander's Collection

The catalogue presents our collection of paintings made in mixed technique with oil and acrylic paints. All works are unified by a general thematic, taking the viewer on a journey into the past. The view from the past through the culture of different civilisations is made in the format of 12 full-scale works of the collection. 
All artworks are presented in frames made of solid wood and 24K gold plated.

Catalogue of Art gallery of Alexander's Collection

The art of marquetry in precious wood and wood carving are perfectly presented by the masters of Alexander's Collection brand. Unique works based on the artists' original cardboards, very few people in the world are able to make them today. Such works of art will undoubtedly become antiques, remaining timeless and fashionable. All works are handmade, each one made by its own master. 


Contemporary Art furniture catalogue from Alexander's Collection: designer and manufacturer

A sophisticated collection of contemporary furniture, more a work of art than just utilitarian furniture, is presented in the HIDDEN WORLD catalogue as a new way of looking at contemporary furniture design, to dominate the interior, bringing individuality to it. All pieces are part of a limited edition collection.

Neoclassical Art furniture from Alexander's Collection: designer and manufacturer of the most beautiful items for luxury decoration

This unusual collection of modern chinoiserie revives the contemporary chinoiserie style for the most sophisticated interiors, bringing an element of novelty and luxury. Made of ebony. "Snow White & Ebony" collection gets its second name from the bold combination of these contrasting colours, making it unlike anything else in the world. 



An extensively designed collection of contemporary wood panelling designs, developed especially for extra class interiors with many innovative ideas.

Available to registered trade clients only.


A collection of neoclassical style wood panelling designs. Versatile designs easily adaptable to many interiors. The catalogue is illustrated with many examples of such high-end interiors, developed for the digital library of ideas for such interiors.

Available to registered trade clients only.


Rug catalogue "Empress" from Alexander's Collection

The  catalogue includes the designs after many years of work in the storerooms of the world's leading museums. Some designs are original reworkings of historical textile patterns and applied art objects from European palaces.

JEVELRY RUG COLLECTION from Alexander's Collection: designer and manufacturer of decorative items for interiors and art objects

Jewels is another unique collection of the brand, worked on for several years. The jewellery art of many countries was taken as a basis. It was developed taking into account the tastes of the Persian Gulf markets and the culture of the East.

Neoclassical  rug designs  Catalogue from Alexander's Collection

The large classical collection is inspired by the legendary historic Hotel Villa D'Este on Italy's Como Lake, preserving the spirit of the Italian Renaissance. This collection takes us back to the era of luxurious palaces, rediscovering and modernising their rich décor for use in modern classical interiors. The collection is universal and works well in these types of interiors.


Completely unusual collection of designs of monochrome carpets, drawn in the technique of grezaille, creating three-dimensional drawings. Here you could find the colours of the northern lights and the sparkle of diamonds, to add a touch of charm and elegance to the interior.

Contemporary rug catalogue from Alexander's Collection: designer and manufacturer of art furniture and luxurious rugs for interior decoration

The catalogue of this collection is designed for coastal modern interiors. Numerous unusual designs of the collection in combination with the stylistic solution of Alexander's Collection furniture will bring special beauty to those interiors.

Contemporary rug catalogue "Stripes & Geometry" from Alexander's Collection

The catalogue of contemporary collection shows geometrical and stripe designs. Mixture of colors and techniques make it universal for most of the contemporary interiors.


The catalogue contains many special designs with nature itself gave inspiration for unussual transformation of ideas into art for the floor.


The Hidden World rug collection follows the furniture collection of the same name, being its integral part. This small collection, available in many colours, looks perfect in interiors with the brand's furniture designs.



A comprehensive catalogue with the best interior designs from minimalist to neoclassical. The catalogue pages have unlimited access for our customers, where they may get ideas for creativit or may copy our designs for their own work, copyright free for authorised customers.
We manufacture most of our interior furnishings ourselves. The two factories we have joint ventures with or own part of the production are exclusively focused on customised projects. 

Available for registred trade clients only

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