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Art Gallery or Art Therapy?

Contemporary art gallery of Alexander's Collection

Could an art gallery perform the function of art therapy, when manipulating clients' emotions would lead to a change in their state of mind, when they may feel a sense of lightness or even mild euphoria.

In other words, is it possible to induce positive emotions through art, following of which the clients will visit the gallary more often and, most importantly, talk about their experience to their acquaintances, passing on a kind of advertising by word of mouth?

To achieve that, it is extremely difficult. Most galleries follow stereotypes, both when presenting an exhibition and when organising events. A typical event is a buffet with hors d'oeuvres and champagne and casual conversation between guests.

Art Gallery

Alexander's Collection art gallery - fine decoration for luxury interiors


Some items from Alexander's Collection art gallery: art furniture and wall decorative art.


In this blog, we are going to look at a fundamental change in mentality, as the execution of the mission requires a completely different approach to its implementation.

A show of a new collection should be transformed into a kind of a performance, where the main role is played by the collection's exhibits, and the setting is the show itself, capable of turning a boring event into a fascinating journey into the world of art.

That is exactly the way Alexander's Collection gallery prefers to go. Today the gallery enters the European market and is a newcomer to it, although the history of this luxury brand is more than 25 years old. For many years, the brand was hidden and catered only to the Asian elite, even obtaining the unspoken name of an icon of style and art for billionaires.

Alexander's Collection art gallery. The most beautiful items for interior decoration


Alexander's Collection art gallery famous masterpiece: "Don Quixot" large canval as hand made silk embroidery in solid wood silver plated frame. Available in Marbella.

Reed more about this artwork HERE

Anyway, it's just an attempt to stay above the industry and follow its own way. The gallery has many works in its armoury, including a collection of extraordinary paintings united under the general title "Wanderers of Civilisations". This is the private collection of the owner of the brand, who collected it for the gallery for more than 20 years in order to finalise it and make it conform to a unique style and philosophy. This is one of the collections for the European market.

Alexander's Collection art gallery - art bespoke furniture


Interior design concept made by Alexander's Collection art studio and art bespoke furniture seen as a side table for the entrance hall.


Of course, we rely on connoisseurs and aesthetes of art and we never focus on mass consumption. There are many such galleries in the world, and the world doesn't need another one. Alexander's Collection gallery is an attempt to soar above the hustle and bustle. We try to introduce only those works that fulfil our main criteria: to bring energy and vigour to the gallery. And this is helped by a philosophy of the show.

Art Therapy

One of the shows for a single masterpiece "Flight Forever", a large canvas made as an embroidery with silver threads and freshwater pearls. This show was accompanied by laser effects depicting butterflies flying into eternity, as strong love goes nowhere but into eternity.

Alexander's Collection art gallery, large decorative canvas for luxury interiors

The laser show preview:

Alexander's Collection art gallery lazer show for one of the  masterpieces

Watch this effect here. VIDEO

The next scenarior for ""Wanderers of Civilisations", a large contemporary paintings.

In our exhibition of the painting collection, one of the scenarios is to create an atmosphere of mystery and prepare the viewer for perception.

Alexander's Collection art gallery painting presentation


The show for "Wanderers of Civilisations", a private collection for contemporary paintings.


We placed the exhibits in a black room, illuminating each canvas separately and generating the illusion that the audience is above the clouds. This is done by using stage smoke to effect the clouds underfoot.

Next, special background music follows throughout the show. It acts as an extra source of ambience that the viewer is immersed in.

And most importantly, it is telling the story of what the observer sees. The clear voice of the narrator coming through the audio recording equipment gives the effect of reverberation and the distinctive sound of the voice pouring down from on high.

This story helps the viewer to perceive the exhibits correctly, and the combination of video, sound and smells excites the senses and forms the very WOW effect or the effect of a slight euphoria of happiness from contact with the beautiful things. Yes, it is the specially matched odour that completes the illusion of immersion in the world of art.

See video for the show preview here. VIDEO

Art Gallery or Art Therapy?

The answer to the question is self-evident. Art must be a source of therapy, and art galleries must rethink their sales philosophy and look at art not only as a business, but also as a great opportunity to strengthen their marketing and make a new name for themselves.

More about Alexander's Collection gallery art:

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