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Art Could Be Different

Art objects for luxury interior design from Alexander's Collection

A modern vision of erotica and its implementation in interiors. The composition represents the figure of an artist flaming with passion. New reading of mannerism style.

What is mannerism? 

It is exaggeration, grotesque, unusual plasticity of lines.

Decorative Art in Marbella - "The Flaming Artist"

The flaming lover, the warrior flaming with rage, it is all the essence of ancient symbols. The figure of a woman, mother - nature, with its beauty mesmerising the artist - is the theme of many works of art.

 The artist flames with inspiration, delight, love for nature, which is able to feed and give creativity to everyone.

The woman's pose is one of tranquil well-being, her whole body is a life-giving flowers, herbs and buds. She is all woven from leaves and shoots, but this is by no means just body art. The whole work is permeated with mannerism and is a beautiful piece for contemporary decoration, unique in its artistic significance and standing apart from the modern concept of art, which is more like grotesque and a direct challenge to the artists.

The modern reading of the Mannerist style in artworks for interior decoration echoes pop art art, but puts it on the highest stage of aesthetics. This is a completely different approach, a different artistic value.

 Creating such artworks, we first of all care about the integrity of the interior as an artistic image. Combining decorative objects to achieve such an image is not a simple task. It requires intuition and skill honed over the years.

Art and Art Furniture from Alexander's Collection

Especially for this work we have developed a design of art furniture, perfectly matching the style of the wall panel.

 The best masters brought the artist's idea into life. The wall panel is made in the technique of inlaying with valuable woods (marquetry), skilfully joined together so that even a sophisticated collector could not notice the places where different woods are joined. The composition, built on halftones, uses the root part of the walnut tree for all dark details, thousands of them in this artwork.

 It takes almost a year to recreate the original design in wood. The gold plating adds extra value and significance to the work and matches perfectly with the furniture, we recommend to use together. The unity of the ensemble is the goal we set ourselves when creating original designs that have no match in the world.

 It should be emphasised that making such high artistic level works is in itself unique and extremely demanding and time consuming.


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