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Incredible effects with carpets in interiors

Strangely enough, but the modern interior still could not be done without the carpets. Unfortunately, the carpet in the interior is not given much attention, and, as a rule, in most interiors carpet designs are quite primitive.

The world famous brand Alexander's Collection, the Rolls Royce and the style icon in the carpet industry, started with neoclassical designs and created the most famous and unrivalled designs that have become the face of the brand.

Contemporary rugs for luxurious interiors. Woolen and silk carpets, custom made design.
Dragon skeen effect on the carpet with orchids. New concept for contemporary carpets & rugs.

But fashion is very fickle. Styles change, new trends come, tastes were changed as well. Today is the time of stereotypes, when consumers are foisted trends, the reason to be very doubtful and is always related to commerce. With the advent of the crisis, design becomes simpler, minimalistic. Simple forms appear, the world comes to the standardization of everything. One of the most important reasons is price, the one to be affordable by the consumers.

Best carpets in the world

However, Alexander's Collection once again follows its own way, not trying to conform to the standards of the market, but delicately follows the market. With the emergence of modern interiors, the brand once again takes one of the most difficult part: it begins to create its own interiors and then designs the carpets for them, opening up a new direction.

The brand's strength is its creativity and its constant quest for perfection.

#1 Rug Maker

In the production of carpets for modern interiors, we look at the cost of production and try to find a compromise between design and its implementation in the carpets. If we keep high quality, then the cost is little affected by the complexity of the design, or rather insignificant for the consumer. Therefore, there is room for creativity. Alexander's Collection continues the tradition to surprise with its designs and once again brings luxury goods to the market.

The collections feature designs for all tastes. From minimalism to incredible designs in a modern style: the carpet becomes the dominant feature in the interior, when you have to create the interior itself first and only after that the carpet. But you don't have to do that. We have done it.

Best carpets and best interiors

Today in the collections of the brand there are more than 800 new interiors and respectively carpets. There is a huge selection and tremendous opportunities to create luxurious interiors. But the main principle of the brand is the same. We do not make carpets for the price of Rolls Royce, we make them of the same quality.

Art of Interior Design

A new step for the brand today is its partnership with LUXURY WORLD, where one of the slogans is "Luxury at an affordable price.

Marbella Interior Designers

Get in touch with LUXURY WORLD, there are a lot of interesting things to know. For example, how to reduce the price of carpets by nearly 2 times, no matter how fantastic it sounds. Combining the efforts of many manufacturers of different products for high-end interiors, the platform has developed special conditions, so that all said.


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