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Carpets that amaze the imagination.

Such a boring object as a carpet really deserves little attention. It plays a purely utilitarian role in the interior, but not in our case. A world-wide manufacturer of luxury carpets, who promotes its product under the brand Alexander's Collection, breaks all the stereotypes on the market. Its designs and quality of performance deserve the attention of the most sophisticated customers. The brand carpets have found their niche globally.

The most famous design of the brand is the lilies of the valley. This is a great example of how even a floral design can break the stereotype, go beyond the usual understanding of the carpet and turn it into the main character in the interior.

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The history of this design is very unusual. It goes deep into history. Lilies of the valley are the flowers of northern latitudes. Their blooming time is very limited. We may admire them only in June. As a rule, they grow in small clearings in the forest. Their incredible aroma fills the air with special properties. Not without a reason the perfumers created collections with the scent of lilies of the valley.

Empress Maria, wife of Emperor Paul I, returning from a trip to Europe, appeared once at a ball with a small bouquet of the lilies of the valley pinned to her ball gown in place of a diamond brooch. The court decided that this was the new European fashion and followed the empress. This is how wildflowers came into fashion. They began to be made into small bunches and worn on the dress instead of jewelry.

The empress's favorite flowers were lilies of the valley.

We created the design as a lawn full with the flowers, painting them so realistically that they create an illusion of a clearing in the woods.

Nature is a great creator. It has already invented everything, you only need to look closely at the beauty and most of the designs lie on the surface. Look at the autumn leaves beneath your feet. Even in the chaos of the leaves, a unique design for a rug was hidden.

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And here's what such a masterpiece can do in an interior, changing it completely. So you cannot say if a carpet plays a major role. It may be a great artist and makes the interior itself.

Amazing rugs from #1 Rug Maker

The art of aerobatics is to create rugs that fit perfectly into the interior. They should not always dominate, but remain a complement to the interior, making it play together a common show.

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That is exactly the kind of rugs Alexander's Collection brand creates.

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